Tamed Elephants

In last few days, I was on a trip to Bangalore-Ooty-Conoor-Bandipur National Park. Had a great time and we, Me and my husband, were in a dire need of a break from our daily routine of a job in a bank, it’s stress of March end and monotonous life as a result of it. We love each other and wanted to be with each other for a while.. Just us. . Away from the hustle bustle of office, the politics (in office as well as in general.. We have elections going on PAN India).. .The trip was successful .. We had hired a car and travelled through roads.. It was fun indeed.. The last day we were at Madumalai National Park (Tiger reserve) near to Bandipur National Park.. We missed a chance of elephant safari but Got a chance to visit elephant camp. The camp visit was for 30 minutes only and I was imagining of how it would turn out.. Especially after a tiresome tiger safari in the morning at Bandipur National Park where we ended up watching deers, peacocks, mangoose, and wild pigs.

Well, we went to see the elephants and what i saw just surprised me of similarities of a tamed elephant with us (the people in job). There were 15 elephants. The elephants were lined up for display.. Mobile phones of all visitors were up in the air to capture a closeup pic with the giant animal.. Who stands tamed, chained, sad. It was its job.. To stand and entertain the visitors. The elephant were supposed to do their “job” quietly as we are expected… No demands. The mahavat – the person who trains elephants and can ride on them-beats the elephants on their forehead in order to train them, or punish them if they disobey. We people on the jobs face the same issue, we are supposed to quietly obey the instructions or else suffer the manager’s reactions (emotional or professional). One of the 15 elephants was a young lady elephant which seemed to be enjoying her own company .. She kept on waving her head throughout the 30 minutes that I watched her. She was the one of many people at our workplace who are in their character everytime.. Irrespective of the company rules (the deemed company rules).. So yaa I realised that it was an office place of those tamed elephants who spend each day the way we spend.. Boring, eager to get off, bound by the chains (chains of money, ambitions, status, EMIs, career struggle etc etc).

The fact which keeps me happy is that atleast we are given opportunity and time to choose a better lifestyle, better job, a choice to follow our dream even if it costs a lot but we have a choice and we should admit that it is our fear of losing present comfort that we don’t choose to deviate from our routine…

As my blog heading reads, lazy but inspired / inspired but lazy!!

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