Simple enough!

It was our father’s freind and his family who were invited to our house for dinner. My father’s freind’s daughter – with one of her girl child – was leaving for London in next couple of days and as our tradition teaches us to atleast call the people home for dinner (especially those who are leaving abroad and won’t be in touch that regular-irrespective of the prominence of social sites which informs you about the life of the other just a touch away.) So ya,but since this is a tradition to be followed to motivate togetherness as well, we had planned a dinner at home.

The family comes and we discuss about things, blah blah, how difficult life is there outside and their willingness to not to leave India as well but since life is tough and one has to do what they don’t want to do inspite of the fact that once they had to do what they are doing now in hope of a good life. I guess somewhere in the deep, every individual leaving India knows what they are losing i.e. Family. Which is the essence of Unity in India-among people. The trait of togetherness that we learn since childhood and the bomd we have within family cannot be described.

The dinner went well and I was playing with the little girl, and she wanted to go upstairs at our room, but was afraid of no light. However the fact was that we had sensor lights on stairs and whenever one reaches on a stair the light gets lit by itself and you can walk up. But she was hesitant to even take that one step. After forcing her, she went forward and was happy when the lights turned on and she could go up. This was a small incident which reminded me of her as me and those lights as God.. He forces us to take one step from our own so that je can light up the whole future for us which we await..

It’s simple but silly of us for not being able to understand whenever we are required to take that one step/decision /choice.

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