Empathy- Word and meaning diminishing to obsolescence.

Empathy is a strong emotion where a person connects with the other on the same situation, with same emotions, same pain, same experience. It is though commonly used when all this is even similar with another person. It has to be same and the word’s significance is the emotion behind the word.

We come across daily news of deaths, theft, murders, accidents, mishaps, rapes, kidnaps and possibly all forms of damage including fire, earthquakes, storms, cyclones,floods etc. and we feel bad or sorry, discuss on debates, news channels, news papers headlines and controversies, candle marches, government support, NGO support etc where people often claim that they are helping the sufferes out of sympathy or as they empathize with them. However I believe no one can empathize the other person in sorrow or their loss as no one knows his or her emotions behind the situation.

In today’s time, where we have no time understanding our partner’s feelings or that of our parent’s who need our time to discuss their age and changes they experience on getting older, we falsely claim that we empathize some other person who suffers from a damage which may be a common news for all but a once in a lifetime event (precisely a mishap) for that person.

Empathy should be declared an obsolete word as it has no prevalent meaning in today’s age. We hardly sympathise with people, left alone Empathize.

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