Love Poem

Love is when..

.. He drops you near the lift rather than the security post, to bid you a good bye with a kiss.

.. She secretly wants to look where you are and what are you doing when with family/freinds.

.. He wants to hug you even after a fight.

.. She wants to say I Love You after every sentence she says to you.

.. He worries and cares for you along with your family.

.. She watches you driving a car and smiles proudly reminiscing all good of you.

.. He declares his love by caring for you in every way possible and in everyone’s presence!

.. She silently kisses your forehead when he sleeps.

.. He needs you after he gets up every morning.

.. She needs you when she wants to sleep every night.

.. When you are sick and he calls/messages you in his tight schedule of office to know if you are doing well.

.. She prepares/packs food thinking of your favourites.

.. He lets you sleep sound and mutes the TV and mobile.

.. She knows what you will pick for yourself from a store.

.. His eyes say he loves you…

.. Her voice say she loves you…

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