Seeking Myself!

I sometimes wonder what if I were a radio jockey who makes mornings of listeners more interesting,

or if i were a pilot who could reach the skies and feel the air,

or if I were a rose and could feel the joy of beauty and pain of thorns,

or I were a pen of a bookwriter and could see what he planned to write before what he published finally,

or if I were a girl from village who struggles between fetching water from wells and walking to a school 30 kms away to study and keep her aspirations alive,

or if I were a famous celebrity who celebrated her demand in the industry and managed to keep her private life as private,

or if I were a teacher who could contribute in progress of a soul spiritually and financially,

or a policewoman on duty and face the actual struggle of work life balance

or if I could ever justify to be ME..the original me and accomplish my quest for which God has sent me on Earth. I often miss being my own self and I am in search for what I am chosen for, what I am destined to accomplish for myself and the world!

8 thoughts on “Seeking Myself!

  1. 👌The quest for self identity is one every human partake. Unfortunately, only a few of us get to discover it. When we don’t, we simply join the rat race and busy ourselves with making everyone else but ourselves fulfilled.

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  2. There are many ways to do that. Sometimes, the answers to many of life’s questions are just within our reach. For instance, we can find our identity in the things we have a passion/flair for, things that makes us happy when we do them, in things that brings us a sense of fulfillment… People also pray for direction in that area as well.

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  3. You are right Rupali. Sometimes, we are just afraid of the unknown and rather prefer to stay in our comfort zone. Meanwhile, we have to develop the ‘enough is enough’ attitude and find courage to do what is needful. I’m sure you already know what’s to be done. I believe you also have the strength to get it done. You just have to a leap of faith.

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