Guru Purnima – Teacher’s Day

Guru Purnima as celebrated in India is equivalent to the concept of teacher’s day celebrations worldwide. The difference is that it’s just not 5th September on the English calendar. It’s a day dedicated to thank our gurus (teachers) as per Indian Calender, for their selfless service for making us what we are or a part of it.

Today is the 15th day of the moon cycle when moon will shine big and bright, the light cutting the darkness of night and hence called Purnima (Full moon night).

Similarly, the gurus in our lives help us to see beyond the darkness of our lives, igniting sense of knowledge and understanding. A guru by definition is a teacher who makes us learn and we generally imagine it to be the one who had helped us to study, read and write. However our biggest guru is our life who in it presents us with indefinite number of gurus i.e.the ones who teach us lessons of life.

I am grateful towards my mother, my sister, my father, my brother, my husband, my relatives and my freinds, all of which have helped me, actively or passively, to become what I am, what I always wanted to become. And then I am also grateful towards all those whose activities made me realise and aware of what I don’t want to become, and over the years I realised those were also important teachers of my life.!

This post is dedicated to all my teachers, be it from school, college, tuitions, coaching, job and life..

P.S.-My husband reminded me of thanking Google too for the endless support😜

2 thoughts on “Guru Purnima – Teacher’s Day

  1. As a matter of fact, #Guru is a Sanskrit word, which is composed of two words #Gu and #Ru. Gu means darkness and Ru means remover of that darkness, and hence the celebration of this day on the day of #Purnima!

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