Losing things

Teachers taught to remember ABCs,

No one taught to remember where are the car keys.

Finding mobile is always a struggle whenever leaving a place

Every time I criticize myself of not remembering it and where was it’s last place..

Forgetting – scooter keys in dikki.. Pen at client’s office.. Taking money change from ration shop Or sometimes even the purchased items after paying cash(though I rush back to take the parcel immediately before leaving from there)

Were just a part and parcel of my life!

And hubby dealt with it patiently though it is not his characteristic but coz I am his wife!

But now as if this is crossing limits as it happened for one time more

Forgetting same thing in a row is not what I had ever wanted to score

It’s the 3rd time I lost my earphones, latest loss happened 3 days ago

Gifted by my hubby, all the three earphones .

Did my best to find where I lost it and to remember in which way

But got no clue till today.

Guilty i feel, and restless

For Why am I so careless!!!!

But now hoping that my hubby gets me a new one 😬

I will be super careful and will give it to no one! 🀞

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