Passage of time = Passage of life

You waste a minute, and you do not realise.. As it was just a minute.

You waste an hour, and you do not realise.. As it was just an hour.

You waste a day, and you realise, and think to cover it up the next day.

You waste a week, only thinking about what you ought to do rather than acting upon it and you persuade yourself by making another plan for another week.

You waste a month, and are guilty for not being able to make it up, and count the remaining months left in a year, and plan another plan.

You try a day or so or a week, feel good, and hit bed for another day or so, and are left where you were at the beginning.

An hour, a day, a week, a month, and a year passes just like the previous ones, leaving you the same as you were before.. until you try hard, work upon it harder, stick to your plan, keep an eye on your goal and imagine your life after you achieve the goal, OR else one day, your life too shall pass, leaving you with regrets of those things you didn’t do, especially those which you could, but you chose not to, because when you realised the waste of time, it was too late.

Remember : It’s never too late to start over. Greet the new day with a new you and feel the positive vibes working with you.

9 thoughts on “Passage of time = Passage of life

  1. This is food for thought Rupali. Time waits for no man. It’s wise not to put forward what can be done at the moment. The difference between the great man and the mediocre is how each manages/maximizes his time. This is lovely and witty on both counts. I hope you don’t mind if I reblog.

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  2. Loved this inspiration! Thank you, Rupali. Time waits for no one. I know some who procrastinate which personally drives me bonkers. I’m known to cram so much in one day that in hindsight I wonder if I split time itself. I was taught not to waste time and that is just how I continue living my life. Just LOVED this post! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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