Journey of thoughts to words

What we speak is a result of what we think. This is a natural phenomenon and it should be followed in the same way – Say what you think, Think before saying. However, when this phenomenon is literally followed, it may lead to problems such as hurting people, unwanted advices, untimely information dissemination and inability of corrections as the spoken words cannot be taken back. So this phenomenon was required to be coupled with another advice which is – Think “twice” before speaking. Thinking twice helps to first create your own thought and then scan it against the other person’s requirements and it’s impact on you or the other person. This advanced phenomenon if developed as a habit can be useful in all areas of life for an individual.

However people also tend to think 10 times or more before speaking! Believe me on that! These people have a long list of scanners for their thoughts, they think about other people’s reactions, their reputation /image change after other people’s reactions, the impact of their words, the alternative impacts of their words, their then reactions to the alternative impacts and so on… To summarize, these are the fearful individuals! Scared of the outcomes of their thoughts after it takes the form of a speech.

The extremity to this thought process gives birth to the manipulators, who, after processing their thoughts through multiple scanners, manipulate their thoughts in a way which delivers their best impression on the listener, even if they are cursing someone.

Such manipulators can be seen at many places, often seen at job places, so called kingdoms of “rat races”, where every rat is in the race to prove its potential against a rat that it assumes is weaker than it, ignoring the fact that every rat is not the same. Pardon me for digressing from thoughts of thoughts to rats, but that’s where my thoughts led to.!

Coming back to the crux, I read this line written somewhere – “Don’t think too much that you start doubting your own thoughts.”

People’s thoughts are the first expression of their own emotions, intuitions and point of views, which are original to them. Some people themselves destroy their own thoughts by overthinking on it, manipulating it in fear of other people’s perceptions, thus losing its essence and importance of being their own, which builds their identity and leaves an impression on others. A different impression will always be remembered. So have confidence on your thoughts if they are different (not damaging) . Do not judge them. Do not hesitate to let them take the form of speech and provide you the freedom of speech that you deserve. Give your thoughts the wings of words and let them fly. They are yours, be proud of them. You also need to take good care of your thoughts, so nourish them by good reads and more good reads.

What do you think?

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