(No) Horn. Ok. Please

Leaving Thailand with a bag and mobile full of memories (shopping and pictures, respectively😋). It had to be that way as Thailand – Bangkok, Krabi and Phuket offers a wide variety of scenic beauty, on and off the beaches, and beautiful and competitive options for shopping too.

Bangkok was a commercialised place and added Safari and Marine world in our experience. Krabi was an underdeveloped tourist place but with beautiful beaches and high scope of development, added Longtail boat and Snorkeling in experience for us. Phuket was an aptly developed tourist place, with focus on service and facilities for the tourists (Phuket’s economy is dependent on tourism). Added snorkeling, speed boat and sea swimming in our experience. An overall memorable experience and successful trip albeit monsoon making the days dull and gloomy, not-so-good hotel experience in Bangkok, foot wounds by beach stones, technical glitch delaying our return ticket booking and in turn a day extended in Phuket.

However, apart from all these, what I am also taking back with me is a No horn policy of Thailand which impressed me and all my family members since Day 1. Yes you read that right. No Horn. No sound Pollution. No honking. Being an Indian, it’s an awe-inspiring moment for us when traffic moves on the road with silent cooperation of drivers, without using the horns (which we Indians feel as a birthright to press every now and then when we sit on driver seat) . It is still an amazement to watch my taxi driver silently following the traffic, without any greed to press horn to the cars lined in front of us (if I were him, I would have pressed that noisy button 8-10 times in the last 20 minutes) and the same patience is observed in other drivers too, irrespective of private or public transport, 2 wheels or 4 wheels. You respect the other driver and everyone cooperates. Kudos to the people here for this traffic discipline and I take this lesson with me back home and try to spread it and apply it personally too. God save me in the traffic on Indian roads.

No Horn. Ok. Please. 🙏

8 thoughts on “(No) Horn. Ok. Please

  1. 😂. No horn? For real? Giving the kind of society I’m from, that’s almost unreal for me. I’m trying to imagine a Lagos traffic without the sounds of car horns. How are the drivers going to survive?

    But like you rightly pointed out, the policy is a healthy/ideal one and is worthy of emulation. I hope societies like ours will get to that point some day.

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    1. Hehe yaa Ayansola.. We were actually amazed watching no horn traffic on the Thailand roads the last 7 days. It was actually peaceful, so much that I could think and write this post in the car on the way to airport! It is real and I hope everyone adopts it with the same enthusiasm. The traffic in India here is also not organized and no horn is difficult on the road, but I would try it now from my side, hopefully I succeed and do not tempt to press that noisy button on the road facing the unorganized traffic! 😜


    1. Yes the excess use of horns is a problem. I tried yesterday my no horn policy and I am glad to say it was successful, but the only problem i sensed on roads yesterday was that I will be required to press horn today or tomorrow due to the unorganised traffic, due to their lack of understanding! But i guess, i can still try. Hoping for better days on road. 🤞Thankyou for reading! ☺️

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  2. Btw sis, just realised that people in India do not honk just to steer clear of the traffic. But, they also honk to ignore their partner’s high pitched voice directed at them 😝 especially if they are a pair (you know who I am talking about here). And, yes, they also honk to give their attendence to the god residing in the passing by temple(again). So, there are multitude of reasons.😅

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