Clouds are pouring water since morning. It rained yesterday also, as a tradition it has always rained on Chaudas, as a way of Mother nature bidding good bye to the beloved Lord Ganesha. Ganpati, as all say, was the prestigious guest for all for last 10 days, brought to every neighbouring house with joy and love, aarti and prasads cheered up the elder and younger ones respectively!

Today morning, while driving to office, I saw the adorned pandals were still intact, but were empty as they missed Ganesha’s idol. It was all empty and void inspite of the decorations. This reminded me the importance of belief – Belief with which an idol made of clay is celebrated as supreme power and its presence at a place makes the surroundings holy and complete. The faith which makes us believe in that power, power which influences lives.

The essence is one’s belief. Imagine what wonders can one do by believing in oneself, believing on their own thought processes and ideas for betterment of their lives or satisfaction, mental peace and health. Believe in you and you can achieve it. We generally lose the battle against ourselves, against our comfort zones, against our prejudices, against our setbacks. We need to come out of them, beat them, defeat them, overcome them and find our way of life, by believing ourselves.

Well, Ganesha comes to bless us, and goes back but with a hope to return next year, again to be a part of our life, to be a part of the lives blessed by him, to find more happy faces, to find more contentful lives on earth.

Ganpati bappa morya… Aavta varsi Loukarya.!

Image painted by- Shweta Ektare (ShwetaEktare.Art)

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