Happy New Year aka New You

Happy Diwali to all..

Happy New Year

New plans, same time.

New day, same sun.

New aspirations, same life.

New targets, same struggle.

“Same you ” won’t work in the new year, make a new you, make the changes wanted to achieve what you want, People succeed and achieve what others don’t by following habits that other don’t.

Live the new year with new you so as to not repeat the old year again.

PS – The featured image is the Rangoli made by my brotheršŸ˜Š

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year aka New You

  1. Happy New Year to you, Raupali. When we see how some of old habits serve us little purpose, then we can change, morphing into new. I’ve found in my life not to make goals for they only set me up for disappointment. Instead I focus on the day, doing what I can that day to move toward the “open goal” that I have in my heart. In other words I am not putting any expectations on anything, thereby allowing life itself to move me along when I’m lined up correctly. (smile)

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