What do you choose?

Everyone knows what it means literally. But the interpretation differs. For many it is described as when they have to catch a hot cup of coffee while running to office as they are already late, or ask a house help to extend hours to take care of children, or when boss is never satisfied despite great performance, or when you decide last minute with friends to go watch movie and are searching for a theatre available with seats. Too much for a person!

And then there is a description of a different struggle when a father tries to accumulate every penny he has to pay the school bills of his beloved children, when a mother opts out to make tea for herself as there is not enough milk in the house that morning and cannot be bought too considering financial problems, when a lady is made aware she cannot bear children, when a graduate is unable to find a job due to god knows why, when an enthu upcoming actor tries every contact and still ends up doing side roles which are many time subject to editing.

Struggle is a limited 8 letter word, but is felt and cried for by people across globe for reasons 10times their population. The former reasons are also struggles and the latter ones too, what determines happiness is not whether you have it or not, but how you face it. Of course the former ones seems less serious than the latter ones described, but the person carrying his or her last minute coffee in a rush destroying their whole day in the bad mood along with others needs more attention and care than the lady who happily sacrifices her tea with the hope and determination to change this situation and make her best efforts to come out of it no matter what.

Like it is always said, falling down is not a setback, not getting up again sure is. Focus on how you will get up. And many so called struggles in your life may fade away soon giving you time to think and solve the other ones and become a better person.

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