Rain rain go away

7.35 a.m. – It was raining heavily. It rained the whole night. Shree, a 20 year old girl, loved rains, but not today. She was already late for leaving for her classes. Being late was not her. She hated to miss the time and especially when she was to attend a lecture. People as students take care of their image when it comes to teachers and being punctual was one of them. It was not completely her fault to be late though. Last night movie and late night gossips with her mom and sister made her sleep long.

8.05 a.m. – While combing and gulping down milk, her mother packed her tiffin and kept in her bag and while she was cursing about getting late as now she will have to ask a rikshaw to drop by her class, she checked her purse for enough money and left her house. She ran down the stairs, impatient to wait for the lift, opened her umbrella and started walking towards rikshaw stand, big steps and saving herself from puddles and water splashes of other vehicles.

8.15 a.m. – She could notice from a distance that the rikshaw stand was deserted. She waited for any other rikshaw to pass by. Rikshaw passed but were carrying passengers and did not stop in rain. She fidgeted. She asked God for help. She thought of God who was her companion and would always listen, at least someone to talk to when no one’s around! She started getting wet as it rained heavily and her umbrella was only good enough to save her hair from getting wet. The cars and bikes passed and she realised there is no way of help, when suddenly it striked her to ask for a lift.

8.27 a.m – She shyly stretched her hand out to ask for lift and was unsuccessful for the first two attempts. But on the third time, which she had decided would be her last if no one stops, a lady passed by her and she felt her heart sink as all hopes of reaching the class on time despite the rain swept away with rain. But then she heard a horn.. Two beeps.. She looked in the direction of sound.. And it was that lady who just passed, paused after crossing her and wanted to help her, by offering a lift. Shree was delighted to see that someone wanted to help her. She was no less than God to her, who not only stopped and offered for help, but divine coincidence was that the lady’s office was near her class, and that lady dropped her to her class. Shree reached the class very well in time.

No words or expression were enough that day to express her gratitude for that lady. Shree is grateful to God to have helped her in the rain.

We are sometimes caught up in a situation, from where we find ourselves difficult to move forward, we are stuck, unable to draw conclusions, unable to find reasons. However trust God, he has made plans for us. He knows when not to stop a rikshaw as he has arranged a better lift for you..

Trust and be grateful!

(Don’t) Cry and Cry Until you Succeed

It’s April end time, today deserving ones received promotion letters and ratings, and sadly I don’t have a promotion letter yet after 4.5 years of almost selfless service! Almost selfless because my organization has not been considering me deserving for a promotion till date and every year I have been contributing a little more of me towards its growth and mine too… But i have been receiving nothing and the organization is growing. Thus selfless.! So is that that I don’t deserve!?

Alas, the point is that I have disappointments to face. Disappointed by myself that inspite of 4.5 years of service, i am still unable to predict or understand the ongoing political drama at the workplace. Gujarati idiom says – bole ena bor vechaye (the one who can speak can sell his/her fruits) – which i didn’t took seriously. However people who take seriously seemed to me as naggers, who keep nagging and creating fuss about petty things. However these are those who “achieve”. Achievers aren’t the ones who go in detailing, precision or hard work, as you think you do! They are those who nag, speak (in a way that people “listen”, even if it includes shouting or it includes whispering in boss’s ears) and “show” more than their service. It’s an art and everyone shall learn this along with the 7 secrets of success or the 5AM club or blah blah like books which though inspire a lot but don’t work in practical life where you have to work with people like these and face politics like this..

I cried on my result, a lot. My husband is calming me down and inspiring me to fight (we are talking over phone as I have to still sit in the office /organization which is not even considering me an eligible candidate for the position I deserve). He has been supportive throughout but what I end up thinking about is – Log kya kahenge.!

People may think – itna kaam kaam krti hai.. Dikhati hai… Par office se milta to nhn kuch.. Problem is ki yaha logo ne to dekha mera kaam aur dedication but organisation ne sideline kar diya. Sorry to divert in Hindi. But a sad person expresses better in his/her mother tongue.

Well i realised that the reason I am still hurt is that I have not heard the early warning signs from my organization that if in a year it is not supporting you (my initial years), it won’t be supporting further for a person like me who is zero in politics, tactics of pleasing a boss, show more than service. I should have taken a step earlier which I am planning now. So, i am here to warn everyone, (don’t) cry and cry until you succeed. Take a step forward in the name of you. Don’t wait. Empower yourself. It’s hard in the start, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end. Take responsibility for the future and make sure you don’t cry again. I will make sure I don’t cry again! Just because people can’t see what you/I possess.

They will suffer. You/I may prosper.