Love-difficult to be defined

Love. A very complicated yet simple concept. I cannot boast of being someone who knows all about it, as I am still working on it, hour by hour, day by day. But can share what I feel it is all about. It’s funny but yes love doesn’t and cannot have a definition. It cannot be defined and this liberty is highly celebrated by it. It is an art of patience for someone, freedom of thoughts for someone else. It is found in all time togetherness by someone and is also felt warm and buzzing in long distances. It is as beautiful as a jasmine, as transparent as water, as strong as a brick.. upon which builds up a well fortified relationship. Love is formless-faceless-colorless yet leaves behind long lasting memories. Love knows no boundary, follows no established paths. A new way of expression of love is always welcomed by anyone. Because it is what keeps Love alive, keeps it glowing like a sun, the rays of which enlightens one’s life forever.