Rain rain go away

7.35 a.m. – It was raining heavily. It rained the whole night. Shree, a 20 year old girl, loved rains, but not today. She was already late for leaving for her classes. Being late was not her. She hated to miss the time and especially when she was to attend a lecture. People as students take care of their image when it comes to teachers and being punctual was one of them. It was not completely her fault to be late though. Last night movie and late night gossips with her mom and sister made her sleep long.

8.05 a.m. – While combing and gulping down milk, her mother packed her tiffin and kept in her bag and while she was cursing about getting late as now she will have to ask a rikshaw to drop by her class, she checked her purse for enough money and left her house. She ran down the stairs, impatient to wait for the lift, opened her umbrella and started walking towards rikshaw stand, big steps and saving herself from puddles and water splashes of other vehicles.

8.15 a.m. – She could notice from a distance that the rikshaw stand was deserted. She waited for any other rikshaw to pass by. Rikshaw passed but were carrying passengers and did not stop in rain. She fidgeted. She asked God for help. She thought of God who was her companion and would always listen, at least someone to talk to when no one’s around! She started getting wet as it rained heavily and her umbrella was only good enough to save her hair from getting wet. The cars and bikes passed and she realised there is no way of help, when suddenly it striked her to ask for a lift.

8.27 a.m – She shyly stretched her hand out to ask for lift and was unsuccessful for the first two attempts. But on the third time, which she had decided would be her last if no one stops, a lady passed by her and she felt her heart sink as all hopes of reaching the class on time despite the rain swept away with rain. But then she heard a horn.. Two beeps.. She looked in the direction of sound.. And it was that lady who just passed, paused after crossing her and wanted to help her, by offering a lift. Shree was delighted to see that someone wanted to help her. She was no less than God to her, who not only stopped and offered for help, but divine coincidence was that the lady’s office was near her class, and that lady dropped her to her class. Shree reached the class very well in time.

No words or expression were enough that day to express her gratitude for that lady. Shree is grateful to God to have helped her in the rain.

We are sometimes caught up in a situation, from where we find ourselves difficult to move forward, we are stuck, unable to draw conclusions, unable to find reasons. However trust God, he has made plans for us. He knows when not to stop a rikshaw as he has arranged a better lift for you..

Trust and be grateful!

Early to Rise

Had never thought of writing – on an early morning, in a garden, after completing my 30 mins walk! Now this is absolutely something I had never dreamt of and God has his way of unfolding his surprises. I loved this one! Sitting near one of the main entrances of the famous Kamatibaug garden in Vadodara, I am feeling peaceful, filling in all the oxygen😜 and happy to be here at the very first place. Grateful.

Now pointing down reasons of my uncontainable happiness –

1. Fresh air. Such sweet smelling, cool and fresh air is in scarcity, especially for us when we spend lives in offices and back brick-mortar homes, no nature around. This has to be the go to place for the oxygen rather than the oxygen cylinders otherwise required!

2. Companions – We stall our getting up early and exercising excusing that “it doesn’t matter and others would not be doing it too.. It’s a cold morning, winter is here” and blah blah.. But hello.. You reach any of such garden and realise you are late… Late maybe by time – minutes, hours or may be years!! Take out your time and go for it today!

3 Birds and animals – I love listening to birds voices, especially in the early mornings and evenings, when they are on and off to work, respectively. They add music to nature. And watching dogs around, stretching, cuddling up, walking gives you an impression that you are not alone! You can be lucky to watch parrots as well as squirells too😊

4 Variety-I observed a variety of people around me, from all walks of life, children with their dads and moms following them, group of men and women talking about common interest topic, youngsters with cool outfits and gadgets and old aged ones with so much of enthusiasm. Their smiling faces remind me that this is the way to live the life blessed by God. Justify every single moment of it.

5 Laughter club- With old age people in the garden, a laughter club is a must where they gather and laugh out loud together. It’s healthy for heart and lungs and mind too, releasing all stress out and inhaling all oxygen in. Exhale out bads, inhale in goods. Mantra of life.

Peace-If you want to be you, live a moment without tension and fear, without stress of meeting deadlines and without worries of career or family, get up early and come here. You will be given enough positivity to feel peace and calm your mind.

I am feeling so up while writing this, especially to let myself and people know that it’s all WORTH it.

Seeking Myself!

I sometimes wonder what if I were a radio jockey who makes mornings of listeners more interesting,

or if i were a pilot who could reach the skies and feel the air,

or if I were a rose and could feel the joy of beauty and pain of thorns,

or I were a pen of a bookwriter and could see what he planned to write before what he published finally,

or if I were a girl from village who struggles between fetching water from wells and walking to a school 30 kms away to study and keep her aspirations alive,

or if I were a famous celebrity who celebrated her demand in the industry and managed to keep her private life as private,

or if I were a teacher who could contribute in progress of a soul spiritually and financially,

or a policewoman on duty and face the actual struggle of work life balance

or if I could ever justify to be ME..the original me and accomplish my quest for which God has sent me on Earth. I often miss being my own self and I am in search for what I am chosen for, what I am destined to accomplish for myself and the world!

Simple enough!

It was our father’s freind and his family who were invited to our house for dinner. My father’s freind’s daughter – with one of her girl child – was leaving for London in next couple of days and as our tradition teaches us to atleast call the people home for dinner (especially those who are leaving abroad and won’t be in touch that regular-irrespective of the prominence of social sites which informs you about the life of the other just a touch away.) So ya,but since this is a tradition to be followed to motivate togetherness as well, we had planned a dinner at home.

The family comes and we discuss about things, blah blah, how difficult life is there outside and their willingness to not to leave India as well but since life is tough and one has to do what they don’t want to do inspite of the fact that once they had to do what they are doing now in hope of a good life. I guess somewhere in the deep, every individual leaving India knows what they are losing i.e. Family. Which is the essence of Unity in India-among people. The trait of togetherness that we learn since childhood and the bomd we have within family cannot be described.

The dinner went well and I was playing with the little girl, and she wanted to go upstairs at our room, but was afraid of no light. However the fact was that we had sensor lights on stairs and whenever one reaches on a stair the light gets lit by itself and you can walk up. But she was hesitant to even take that one step. After forcing her, she went forward and was happy when the lights turned on and she could go up. This was a small incident which reminded me of her as me and those lights as God.. He forces us to take one step from our own so that je can light up the whole future for us which we await..

It’s simple but silly of us for not being able to understand whenever we are required to take that one step/decision /choice.