Early to Rise

Had never thought of writing – on an early morning, in a garden, after completing my 30 mins walk! Now this is absolutely something I had never dreamt of and God has his way of unfolding his surprises. I loved this one! Sitting near one of the main entrances of the famous Kamatibaug garden in Vadodara, I am feeling peaceful, filling in all the oxygen😜 and happy to be here at the very first place. Grateful.

Now pointing down reasons of my uncontainable happiness –

1. Fresh air. Such sweet smelling, cool and fresh air is in scarcity, especially for us when we spend lives in offices and back brick-mortar homes, no nature around. This has to be the go to place for the oxygen rather than the oxygen cylinders otherwise required!

2. Companions – We stall our getting up early and exercising excusing that “it doesn’t matter and others would not be doing it too.. It’s a cold morning, winter is here” and blah blah.. But hello.. You reach any of such garden and realise you are late… Late maybe by time – minutes, hours or may be years!! Take out your time and go for it today!

3 Birds and animals – I love listening to birds voices, especially in the early mornings and evenings, when they are on and off to work, respectively. They add music to nature. And watching dogs around, stretching, cuddling up, walking gives you an impression that you are not alone! You can be lucky to watch parrots as well as squirells too😊

4 Variety-I observed a variety of people around me, from all walks of life, children with their dads and moms following them, group of men and women talking about common interest topic, youngsters with cool outfits and gadgets and old aged ones with so much of enthusiasm. Their smiling faces remind me that this is the way to live the life blessed by God. Justify every single moment of it.

5 Laughter club- With old age people in the garden, a laughter club is a must where they gather and laugh out loud together. It’s healthy for heart and lungs and mind too, releasing all stress out and inhaling all oxygen in. Exhale out bads, inhale in goods. Mantra of life.

Peace-If you want to be you, live a moment without tension and fear, without stress of meeting deadlines and without worries of career or family, get up early and come here. You will be given enough positivity to feel peace and calm your mind.

I am feeling so up while writing this, especially to let myself and people know that it’s all WORTH it.

Give Change some time

The puppy felt love and happiness at his owner’s home, but always had the urge to explore the world. “I feel caged, I want to be free”, he thought to himself.

One fine morning, he ran away and found a group of cows, munching food, sitting lazily on the road. He then found some stray dogs too and was excited and happy to think that ” yes, this is how I wanted to live, free, on my own.” He started the day with them, in hunt of food and water, and ended up with some food and people shoving them off and cars passing by irresponsibly. He got afraid, hungry, puzzled on what to do.

He kept dwelling on his decision of running away, pondering whether his need of freedom was his greed and thinking about his inability to contain the change. He ran back to his owner’s house where he thought he would be welcomed well. But all in vain. He found another puppy tied to the house pole. He wept. He realized his mistake. His mistake was not his running away from home to search freedom. His mistake was his discontent, his inability to let life sink in the change.

Change is inevitable and change is beautiful, they say. But beautiful things are costly too. Beautiful changes in life costs one’s perseverance, patience and faith. Faith in life. Faith in oneself.

The Liebster Award – The Motivation

I was searching for a suitable blog topic since long and could not find one, it went like – once i thought about one topic, but didn’t find suitable content to justify, one time got a story but did not find relevant facts required to complete it. Keeping some ideas in drafts, I was spending time with reading posts of people whom I follow. Reading is an appropriate replacement of writing. At least you are surrounded by words. This reading replacement of writing overwhelmed me (15 days ago, I am already 15 days late) when I read Ayansola’s post named The Liebster Award which stated how glad he was on nomination to an internet based award. The post described the award details and rules which included answering 11 questions that the fellow blogger who nominated you has asked and writing 11 facts about yourself. Amazed by the drill, I read through his post and his answers which revealed a bit of him and brought a smile to my face. And what further overwhelmed me was seeing my name in the list of people he nominated further for the award. Wow. 

Ayansola is truly a wonderful blogger as he adds meaning to every sentence he writes and brings life to words. He is an inspiration for sure. He has been very supportive and encouraging through his comments on my blog. Do visit his blog Ayansola Ibukun , I am sure you would love his writings. Thanks a lot Ayansola for considering me eligible enough among the people you know to be deserving enough and thinking about me while thinking about people to nominate. It means a lot when this comes from such an amazing blogger.

Now if you think why am I so “overwhelmed” on a nomination only for an internet based award, I would like to mention that this is motivation for me when I have just started writing posts and seek support from fellow bloggers. This has boosted my confidence and instilled in me a sense of responsible ownership for my work.

A Little About This Award.

The Liebster Award is internet based and given by bloggers to fellow bloggers. The idea is to help connect with and support other bloggers.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!

5. Make up to 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 facts about myself –

1. I am from the versatile land of India.

2. I can speak, read and write in 3 languages – English, Hindi and Gujarati. Hindi and Gujarati are the vernacular languages.

3. I seek work for self satisfaction.

4. I am married to an amazing person and I am proud of my decision of choosing him, everyday.

5. I firmly believe in God but loosely on visiting temples to pray because I believe he is everywhere and I can pray from anywhere, anytime.

6. I believe in rising early, I was an early riser, though struggling with that too nowadays, but I am sure enough I will regain my strength to wake up early and maximize my morning time.

7. I am bad at marketing /sale tactics, but good at honesty and dedication.

8. I am a family oriented person and I am thankful to god for the wonderful family I have.

9. I am a chocolate addict. And am choosy with sweets. I need sugar to boost my moods, anytime.

10. I am a dancer and a teacher by heart. 

11. I love reading. I am reading from various sources and getting references from people.

Now to answer 11 questions asked by Ayansola-

1.What makes you tick?

-Yet to prove my potential, and yet to justify my purpose of life. 

2. Who is your favorite author?

– Nicholas Sparks for romantic novels and Robin Sharma for self help and positivity.

3. What’s your most memorable experience in recent times?

– Snorkeling at Phi Phi island. Being among those colorful fishes and watching the corals was the best experience in recent times.

4. Why did you decide to blog?

I decided to explore my potential. I love reading and thinking and so I am trying to put my thoughts to words. I want to reach mass through my words.

5. Where is the best place you’ll go for a vacation?

I have not been to many places so I don’t have any choice for best option. Any place will do..:)

6. Who are your first three most loved artistes?

My friend Shweta Ektare (Painter), My mother who made me what I am and me myself… I love Me!!

7. How do you find inspiration for your writings?

Applause and motivation from fellow bloggers, friends and family.

8. What’s your best meal?

Simple Indian meal, Roti (Chapati), Vegetable, Dal (Pulses)

 9. What’s that one thing you can’t do without?


10. How best do you relax?

Sleep and dance, I know both are way different techniques, but its like I don’t get tired while dancing and I am not tired of sleeping as well.

11. What’s your favorite quote?

Be Positive.

This is it. Thankyou for being with me all the way and patiently reading through my facts and answers!! Meanwhile, I’m supposed to nominate 11 bloggers for this award but I think I’ll pass on that.



As you sow, so shall you reap.. Or your successors!

“Why doesn’t your son goes to college for higher education?” My grandfather asked his office accountant, in a surprise.

“He has completed his schooling, it is enough in our family, and now will help me in my work, I need an assistant to look after your company’s accounts. And sir, I cannot afford his higher education fees too. He dreams to settle out of India”. Mr. Sharma replied, hesitantly.

“No need of him to work here” My grandfather ordered in a high pitched voice, “Send him to high school, he is a bright student, I will pay his fees. You should have informed me earlier ” Grandfather added, and left to smoke outside the office.

My grandfather was a charming personality, with shine on forehead, smiling lips, eyes scanning people and places, and brain calculating profits and losses. He loved children. He was a chain smoker. He smoked partly due to addiction and partly to show off. And he thought why not smoke for show off, when then smoking was a status symbol and when he owned a house and a successful business in his name, 3 cars with a driver, all of this in the year 1984 when there was no one in competition against him and people struggled throughout their lives to build a house alone in their name. He was proud of his children, two daughters and two sons, and could imagine of passing his legacy to his two sons whom he considered deserving, able and efficient enough to improve and expand the business, mint money and live the life people admired.

But, as they say, Destiny has it’s own way.

1992, in my birth year, my grandfather died in an accident, he was a diabetes patient too and recovery from an accident was not easy for him. What he left behind him was his wife, family, his savings and his growing business which then required to be expanded and fight strong against the growing competitions with modernization, all this in the hands of his two sons who weren’t prepared to handle it immediately after his sudden demise. Albeit they struggled to overcome the challenges. They tried hard. Their family tried hard together.

Years passed…… business suffered, families suffered and so did health. The two brothers separated their ways, separate business and separate families. Children suffered too. The problem I and my brother-sister faced, among many, was delays in paying tuition fees of the school. We used to hide heads in the initial times when our names were called out to pay the overdue fees, but gradually it became so regular for us that when the school peon entered our classroom with a list of students whose tuition fees was pending, we used to come out by ourselves without letting him announce our name. Our teachers and friends became used to it too. We used to smile when we saw each other in the same line of such students called out by the school’s administrative officer. Life taught me that struggles, when faced and fought and are laughed at, by a family together, brings the family members closer and strengthens their bond.

Well the school time passed with this and other beautiful memories and it was the time for pursuing higher education.

I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant. I didn’t knew then, but was more than happy to learn that the course was the cheapest course in India for commerce students, albeit with highest dignity of a Chartered Accountant. Though cheap, but the fees was required to be paid in advance. It was not a school where delays will be allowed. The time was tough and my father was joining money from various sources to pay for the fees as we didn’t have savings then. My father did his best..

It was then when that accountant’s son (Mr. Junior Sharma) arrived India and wanted to meet his old friends, my father being one of them. Just then! Imagine the coincidence..! They met. They talked. The accountant’s son decided to pay for my education fees until my father managed from his own resources and would repay him. When asked by his wife of his sudden kind gesture for the daughter of one of his “just a friend”, he replied ” I was able to complete my science graduation because that girl’s grandfather paid for my higher education. A little money from his fortune then, helped me shape my life and now I would be able to repay that debt by helping them in their need”.

Through this post, I thank him for that support extended by him. I thank my grandfather for securing my future, unknowingly! I thank my father to instill hope in me and to believe that thoughts matter, so keep them always positive. He says-“If you do your best, then the rest will be taken care by god.”

I Thank God for making the ends meet, then, for me.

Truly, Destiny has its own way!