Humanity spreads happiness!

Happy to share a recent incident witnessed.

Me and my husband were returning from our friend’s place after it was confirmed that India was going to lose against England in WC 2019 (India’s first loss in the 5 matches it played).

It rained heavily after 7 pm.. Just after we finished our bhajiya party, awaiting rain! The heavy rain in Vadodara flooded the small streets and drainage systems failed as soon as they can and streets were clogged with water.. Water water everywhere.. From sky to land.

This rain is a cheerful event for farmers, happy change of atmosphere for people with homes and roof. This I say so because the same rain is messy and irritating for the poor and unsheltered people. This includes the bikers or people on two wheelers (temporarily unsheltered) .

One such biker-with his wife and his baby of 3 years approx had an experience of bad luck when his bike stopped to cooperate in struggling against the unstoppable rain and wind. He was pushing the bike through the right side of the road, followed by his wife and baby which led to slow movement of cars on the road . Unaware of the same, we honked on the car ahead of ours, which moved slowly, understood the biker’s situation and offered his wife and baby to sit on the backseat of the car.

The biker seemed relieved in an instant and his wife smiled from ear to ear as the car saved her baby in the rain. This just brought an instant smile to our faces too and restored our faith in humanity.

Such incidents help getting better sleep at night and ofcourse radiates powerful positive energy around you.

Moral of the story – Keep helping, keep motivating, you never know who gets inspired by observing your actions. Watch your actions and make a difference.

Understanding is an Understatement

Understanding is an Understatement when

You understand your mother worrying about you the whole day but do not sit with her in dinner and talk to her or listen her heart out.

You understand your father displaying confidence inspite of his ageing worries or sickness fear and you do not offer your salary or financial help or emotional support to atleast make him smile and feel proud of his teachings.

You understand your colleague fighting depression but you do not lend them your sincere ears under the rising work pressure.

You understand a dog shivering in rain but do not help it with shelter.

You understand your partner needs your love and appreciation and you waste time and their love finding their faults.

You understand you should keep your health as priority and you ignore it against junk food and laziness.

You understand that your vote makes a difference but are ignorant and plan holiday on a voting day.

You understand that first step is all we need to take to lighten up the path but you are afraid thinking of all the road ahead rather than that first step.

You understand cleanliness is godliness but can’t help throwing that plastic wrapper/bag out of the car.

-I understand preaching is easier than practise but I end up on giving advices only.

P. S. I am also under the process of actually understanding the things.!