Doesn’t matter how much you wait, what matters is how you behave while waiting. It’s simple no?! We live our lives following goals, waiting for the goals to be fulfilled and once done, the other goals replace the existing ones easily. We live life waiting to feel the accomplishments, the pride, the fulfillment, the joy, the happiness, and wait doesn’t get over in lifetimes. When we wait, these emotions work at the backdrop, behind the scenes, and it would be negligent of us if we overlook them.
Live in the waiting too, you never know when your goals were bound to be fulfilled in those times if you were at all listening to it rather than cribbing for the unknown time to come. Live the wait. Live now. Live happy.

Rendering unforgettable service.

It’s time for vacation and we decided to visit Thailand for a relaxed vacation topped with shopping benefits. We started the trip with Family.. 7 members on the tour and the trip took off well, though after a 5 hours delayed flight which spoiled our leaving-for-a-tour excitement. The taxi driver that dropped us from home to airport was a real service person. On his four wheels he ensured his customers were entertained by his talks, from the words mixed with tobacco, and his intriguing attitude of knowing everything about his customers on board. When asked by me for putting on radio, an excuse to keep him shut as I was not at all interested in a talk with a stranger at that time, he declared his radio doesn’t work, but provided an instant solution to connect our phone by USB to his system and listen to songs we like, pleasing tactic for customers. When my husband declined to not connect his phone with his system reasoning draining battery of phone,he was very quick on responding with a charger he had and said “Sir, charger bhi hai mere paas, aap to bas gaane suno aur relax karo” (Sir, I also have a charger, you listen your favourite songs and relax).I chuckled.

He taught me a lesson of customer centricity. He taught me that serving your customer in a right way leaves an unforgettable impression on them. And it’s an art of delivering such service to your customer when service is a growing and highly competitive market. It is not a product that your customer keeps with you and remembers but your timely service which is highly perishable. Enthusiasm and interest in this field makes the person’s service memorable, undoubtedly. Be it a restaurant waiter, teacher, tour guide or as in my story a taxi driver.

I would like to summarise the moral of the story with lines I came through recently – “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth ” by Muhammad Ali

Understanding is an Understatement

Understanding is an Understatement when

You understand your mother worrying about you the whole day but do not sit with her in dinner and talk to her or listen her heart out.

You understand your father displaying confidence inspite of his ageing worries or sickness fear and you do not offer your salary or financial help or emotional support to atleast make him smile and feel proud of his teachings.

You understand your colleague fighting depression but you do not lend them your sincere ears under the rising work pressure.

You understand a dog shivering in rain but do not help it with shelter.

You understand your partner needs your love and appreciation and you waste time and their love finding their faults.

You understand you should keep your health as priority and you ignore it against junk food and laziness.

You understand that your vote makes a difference but are ignorant and plan holiday on a voting day.

You understand that first step is all we need to take to lighten up the path but you are afraid thinking of all the road ahead rather than that first step.

You understand cleanliness is godliness but can’t help throwing that plastic wrapper/bag out of the car.

-I understand preaching is easier than practise but I end up on giving advices only.

P. S. I am also under the process of actually understanding the things.!