Love-difficult to be defined

Love. A very complicated yet simple concept. I cannot boast of being someone who knows all about it, as I am still working on it, hour by hour, day by day. But can share what I feel it is all about. It’s funny but yes love doesn’t and cannot have a definition. It cannot be defined and this liberty is highly celebrated by it. It is an art of patience for someone, freedom of thoughts for someone else. It is found in all time togetherness by someone and is also felt warm and buzzing in long distances. It is as beautiful as a jasmine, as transparent as water, as strong as a brick.. upon which builds up a well fortified relationship. Love is formless-faceless-colorless yet leaves behind long lasting memories. Love knows no boundary, follows no established paths. A new way of expression of love is always welcomed by anyone. Because it is what keeps Love alive, keeps it glowing like a sun, the rays of which enlightens one’s life forever.

Happy New Year aka New You

Happy Diwali to all..

Happy New Year

New plans, same time.

New day, same sun.

New aspirations, same life.

New targets, same struggle.

“Same you ” won’t work in the new year, make a new you, make the changes wanted to achieve what you want, People succeed and achieve what others don’t by following habits that other don’t.

Live the new year with new you so as to not repeat the old year again.

PS – The featured image is the Rangoli made by my brother😊

Stand up Comedy !

Stand up Comedy is an art..We get to face funny situations in life which makes us laugh but stand up comedy presents life to us in a way that a serious or not so important event comes up as hilarious and funny when we are able to relate to it. That’s what stand up comedians do.. They relate with us and make us laugh from the little things in life that we ignore or overlook in the daily hustle bustle!

I had a second chance to attend live show of Stand up comedian Zakir Khan, with my husband and friends in Vadodara last week. Zakir Khan, who hails from Indore, gave a Superhit show last time when launched online named Kaksha Gyaarvi (Class 11th), describing the school life and young crush which ultimately crashed😜 and we were glad we watched it live. Zakir tickles every nerve and bone in you and makes your body, flesh and blood all laugh together..leaving you with a painful jaw at the end of the show.

He was a treat to watch again, especially with our gang of freinds and it is believed laughter is always well celebrated with friends and loved ones. We took the punchlines from the show and enact and repeat it when we come across a similar situation after the show and end up laughing.

Laughing in/on life is important to live long.. Happily. Everything is for a moment.. It’s how you take it. And fun can be the difficult but the best way to live life. It spreads happiness and smile.. Without any cost.. Improves blood circulation too! Yes, it has it’s own way which shall be taken care of so that fun doesn’t turn out to be offensive to anyone.

Quoting the king of comedy-Mr. CHARLIE CHAPLIN here will be appropriate – “We must laugh in the face of our helpnessness against the forces of nature – or go insane.”

Live. Laugh. Love.