She is your mother

She hears you when you cry silently

She feels your pain when you are broken and don’t want to discuss with anyone

She understands you even when you stay away from her.. Miles away..

She is happy when you laugh and she is hopeful when you don’t call her/talk to her

She prays for your health when she is herself not well.

She feeds you first when there is not enough food in her kitchen

She expects nothing, she is the Giver..

She is the first lady of your life who loves you unconditionally!

She is your Mother..

Take care of her!

Help that woman around you

World is progressing with growing economies, blooming urbanization, improving education methods and standards, technologically advanced health facilities, reducing infant mortality rates, flourishing real estate, successful entrepreneurs and majority countries being democratic. These are all numbers which are making progress but the basic human values seems to be ignored in the backdrop of all this when a woman in a family is abused, ignored, ill treated, beaten and disrespected, her girl child is considered unacceptable, her infertility is a curse, her body is assumed to have a free access, her job is an ego clash and her advise is not even asked for in any matter or decision to be taken.

This is not that I ever thought I would write in any of my blog posts as I am not suffering (presently) from any of these situations. But recently I came across an incident of my friend, which when discussed with other women, brought up their stories as well as of their relatives or women they know, and I was stunned to hear that even after all what progress the world or be it the life around me is making, it’s all fake. It is good to fill newspapers and articles and books with progress numbers and breaking records, but no moral value addition is happening the way it is required to happen to partner the economic success for sustainable growth, especially in most of the Indian families where this “most of it” comes from villages and rural background who are not accepting the change to their patriarchal method of thinking. But to my utter surprise, this narrow and sick mindset exists even in well educated people, who were “assumed” as more learned and cultured people in comparison to the people from rural background.

A human make errors. We make mistakes. We do blunders. But people have no right to ruin other person’s life in the name of a mistake of their life and where maximum times the other person is a woman of their life.. Be it a Wife, a Daughter or a Mother.

It’s still hard for me to believe that how much and in how many forms, small or big, women are sacrificing unconditionally. I can advocate for those men too who also sacrifice and make their relationship survive happily, but I am here because I don’t understand why the women sufferers are way higher in number than men. This is my observation from the society and thus I can write that the women are more in pain. Earlier it was easy to accept women are dominated by men because they are financially dependent on men and thus the dominance of men was justified by the society as well as those women. But now, despite of the independence and freedom of choice, career, finances, women are still suppressed by their male counterparts, where I believe women are in fault primarily, since they allow this to happen it to them.

So what am I here to do?, is what you must be wondering. I know those men won’t be reading my post at all.. Or must have not reached to this point as they must have avoided reading this as soon as they must have realised where this post is leading to. So I am left with you, my dear reader, who might have also seen such women in pain, or those women who smile inspite of pain in the fear of society and under pressure of what would people think if she shares her problem with anyone as now the world is moving and evolving… Quickly… Loudly.. And only they are in pain.. Silently.

I urge you to understand their silence and talk to them, make them feel worthy and happy and deserving of a beautiful life beyond their struggles. This silence of women around you can be sensed in ways they behave around us. Like they hesitate in making family decisions, they hesitate in making personal decisions, they talk less about family among a group or when many people around, they think thrice before going out for dinner or trips from office, they sit late in office to avoid problems at home, they are shy of speaking to their male colleagues in office, they are known to be friendly and cheerful but they suddenly lose contact or talk less or any type of other behavioral changes can be observed and sensed and a step to approach that woman or her family should be taken to hear her heart out and offer an advise or help as much possible. I urge people to come along and make these women strong, make them aware as well as realize that they can listen to their inner voice and break free, speak up, live for yourself, live with dignity and self respect, fight for it if required and assure them that we are here for them to listen and stand with them and fight with them for their right to life.

I finally could put my thoughts in the lines as below;

O woman,

Are you meant to please the world?

But Without uttering a word!

Can you be touched by any man?

But he won’t feel you, Oh it’s a ban..!

Can you be ruled by a man?

And he won’t care for you, even if you are in pain.

Do You ask for love? Why?

You are taught that you do not deserve and for that do not even cry.

But shed your tears and remember as I say..

Crying is a myth as a weapon for weaker,

Woman cry, cut their heart out and grow stronger..

Stand UP, you Woman, as soon as you are hurt and be ready to face..

No matter you are a baby girl, an adult, a lady or belong to any phase..

If he is cruel, do not give him lead..

Understand the early warning signs and pay them heed..

Do not ignore or get mislead..

Trust your instincts and do not bleed..

Stand UP ! as you are your best help,

Fight it, set yourself free and do not yelp..

You are made to live and succeed.

Think for yourself, take that one step for yourself, I plead.

Understanding is an Understatement

Understanding is an Understatement when

You understand your mother worrying about you the whole day but do not sit with her in dinner and talk to her or listen her heart out.

You understand your father displaying confidence inspite of his ageing worries or sickness fear and you do not offer your salary or financial help or emotional support to atleast make him smile and feel proud of his teachings.

You understand your colleague fighting depression but you do not lend them your sincere ears under the rising work pressure.

You understand a dog shivering in rain but do not help it with shelter.

You understand your partner needs your love and appreciation and you waste time and their love finding their faults.

You understand you should keep your health as priority and you ignore it against junk food and laziness.

You understand that your vote makes a difference but are ignorant and plan holiday on a voting day.

You understand that first step is all we need to take to lighten up the path but you are afraid thinking of all the road ahead rather than that first step.

You understand cleanliness is godliness but can’t help throwing that plastic wrapper/bag out of the car.

-I understand preaching is easier than practise but I end up on giving advices only.

P. S. I am also under the process of actually understanding the things.!