Cleaning the mess

Ankur hated the morning hangovers, especially the Monday mornings. He tried to remember the last night and could recall a few scenes of his colleagues in his 2 BHK company apartment, drinks, music, dance and food. Suddenly his thoughts were disturbed by a call.”Suman bai” the screen flashed and he picked up dreading what he didn’t wanted to listen. Maids don’t call when they are going to come! “Sir, my son is ill and I won’t be coming”. One cannot argue on that but only say Okay.

Ankur was tall, dark but not handsome. He had one sided three girlfriends in the college (all from his side). He never gathered courage to speak up and approach any of them. Brought up in a co-ed school also never helped him. He started his job realizing building his career first was his priority and ignored the marriage proposals, every year passing by. He was not sure if he could adjust with anyone or anyone could ever adjust with him. He simply made lemonade for himself and had a Disprin to reduce the headache and headed for office. He worked in a MNC in Bangalore. Ankur was busy in work when his boss pinged him on internal messenger – Ankur, just wanted to inform you that Gunjan, my new secretary will be sharing your apartment for a few days till he finds a place to live. I hope it’s okay” An information cum order from boss, short and crisp, again could be answered well with an Okay only.

The position of his apartment struck to Ankur only after he replied his boss and he exclaimed-Oh shit!. He rushed to call Suman bai realizing the urgency of the situation, he didn’t wanted his boss’s new secretary to find that he was partying last night and what a mess he kept his “company appartment” at. Suman bai didn’t pick up the phone the whole day and Ankur had no option than to reach his apartment early and clean up the mess. He informed Gunjan that he is leaving early as he was not feeling well and made him understand the apartment address and landmarks. The house was a mess and a mess when a day older, becomes a plight. He started with picking up the trashes, used a broom and cleaned up room by room, which also reminded him of his childhood days when he helped his mother in the household chores and how it made him feel contented. The house cleaning activity made him exhausted, tired and sleepy. The hangover also demanded the sleep from him. He was waiting for Gunjan to arrive and have his dinner, when his phone beeped. An unknown number read,“ Hi Ankur, Gunjan here. I was supposed to come over your place tonight but I will be going to my relative’s home, they  live far but are insisting me to stay there tonight. Sorry bro, see you tomorrow”. Ankur replied nothing, looked around, smiled and dozed off.

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