Give Change some time

The puppy felt love and happiness at his owner’s home, but always had the urge to explore the world. “I feel caged, I want to be free”, he thought to himself.

One fine morning, he ran away and found a group of cows, munching food, sitting lazily on the road. He then found some stray dogs too and was excited and happy to think that ” yes, this is how I wanted to live, free, on my own.” He started the day with them, in hunt of food and water, and ended up with some food and people shoving them off and cars passing by irresponsibly. He got afraid, hungry, puzzled on what to do.

He kept dwelling on his decision of running away, pondering whether his need of freedom was his greed and thinking about his inability to contain the change. He ran back to his owner’s house where he thought he would be welcomed well. But all in vain. He found another puppy tied to the house pole. He wept. He realized his mistake. His mistake was not his running away from home to search freedom. His mistake was his discontent, his inability to let life sink in the change.

Change is inevitable and change is beautiful, they say. But beautiful things are costly too. Beautiful changes in life costs one’s perseverance, patience and faith. Faith in life. Faith in oneself.

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